What’s the point?

I program in a lot of languages on quite a few platforms. I enjoy learning new things, and do so as often as I can. In this blog, I hope to share a few things that I’ve discovered or researched in the course of my usual work and play.

I intend the posts to be medium-depth. They won’t simple news items (see Slashdot for that) and they won’t be reports (see Wikipedia for that). Instead, they will be mini-explorations of tricks, tools and topics that I haven’t seen hit the main geek sites. In some cases, they may be HOWTOs, but more often they will be introductions to stuff I like. I don’t intend this blog to have much in the way of personal notes. I want to keep this nuts-and-bolts, and maybe even useful.

If you like or dislike my style, please let me know. Contact me via links at https://chrisdolan.net/


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