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Advanced Installer

One of my work projects is a Windows-only media conversion application. As happens often in the software world, I had to hurry up and learn about installers. So, in late summer 2004 I googled and found Advanced Installer to be highly ranked. I tried the demo, as well as looking into a couple of other installer builders. I was fairly impressed, so we ended up buying the Pro version of Advanced Installer and we’ve been using it since then.

While to company is based in California, the programmers are all in Romania. Nonetheless, I’ve had excellent response to a couple of support requests I’ve submitted. In both cases, I reported bugs and they were fixed within 3 days and 1 day respectively. Sweet.

The project description file is all XML, so it’s possible to hand edit, but it’s kind of crufty, so I don’t recommend that. The most basic activities are supported via the command line (updating the version number and building an installer), and they promise that more command line actions will be available in the future.